Fridays as ‘no appointment’ days

It’s surreal, waking up and having nothing to do. I mean, I have all the things to do! But I’m trying something new, blocking out Fridays as a ‘no appointments’ day, and it is stretching out gloriously in front of me and I am feeling slightly intoxicated with the freedom.

I didn’t QUITE manage to make it entirely free, because the kids’ fall activities are starting up, and today, Anand has soccer practice at 5 p.m., and starting next week, he’s got a therapy appointment at 6:45 p.m. (More on that in next post, as it’s interesting.)

So far today, I’ve woke up in leisurely fashion, finished _Infomacracy_ (good, though depressing, but it’s also good for me to be reminded of how the world works, gah, will probably go on to book two), eaten leftover rice and Thai curry (spicy, yay! a week in Ireland and trying to eat mostly native Irish food, which I like, had me craving spice). Now drinking coffee, and will shortly take a podcast of Our Opinions Are Correct out to the garden to do some sorely needed clean-up. After that, trying to post the rest of the Ireland photos, I think, and finish unpacking.

Tentative plan for the day is to take the kids to the beach, from about 10 – 3. Probably Foster Beach, which is our go-to spot, and I might combine it with a brief stop at Gethsemane to see if they have some fall planter annuals in, as my planters are starting to look a little tired.

It’s not quite as hot as I’d like for the beach, but I promised the kids a beach day this summer, and summer is almost over — school starts for all of us next week. A high of 73 — that doesn’t really sound like beach-basking weather, but I guess I’ll bring a sweater and they’ll still have fun on the shore, I think. I’m guessing they’ll even swim!


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