A very writerly day

Plan for today — I owe Pem a press release and Jeremy John Parker back cover copy for Feast, so those are the two priorities (after coffee and breakfast!). I’m going to take a little time to try the map endpapers thing, but if it doesn’t go smoothly within an hour or so, I’m going to give up that idea, and just call the cookbook done. DONE? That can’t be possible. Check back later, folks. I also need to write a few organizational e-mails for the SLF, re: volunteers and fundraising.

Stephanie is coming by around 8 to work on e-mail triage with me. I am just drowning in e-mail; it feels ridiculous that I have literally hired someone to answer e-mail for me, or at least delete no longer relevant / important things, but this is where I am, so. My hope is to sit next to her and work on map stuff, answering questions as she goes through it. Are there any tricks to teaching someone how to process someone else’s e-mail? Guidance would be welcome, as this is not a skill I know anything about. (Alyshondra, is this something you do for Mary?)

At 10, I go meet Lori for a writing lunch, and while I am looking forward to talking to her while we eat, I am also planning to actually write, as there is still some hope of finishing the novel revision before I leave the country on Sunday, which is going to need concentrated effort this week.

2 p.m., I pause the writing to talk to Benjamin about our potential podcast interview project. It is always a delight talking to Ben, so whether we get work done or not, it will be good. 

I think one of my strategies for better happiness along with productivity going forward is simply to spend time with good friends when possible. Sounds simple, but surprisingly hard. Given the busy-ness of life, sometimes that will only happen if we can work together, so hoping that working together doesn’t wreck any friendships! (Also must remember to schedule both a monthly lunch date with Amanda, and bring back Tired Moms’ Night Out. Wine with the girls = good.)

At 3, meet Roshani to get her help with a comic-related story thing — she helped me brainstorm it before, but then I didn’t WRITE IT DOWN, so I’m hoping we can recreate it. And then my tentative plan is to finish reading the big stack of Ms. Marvel comics that Julie loaned me, so I can give them back to her tomorrow evening at writing workshop.

A very writerly day, full of friends. It sounds LOVELY. Onwards.


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