I have a host of things to do, but a purring cat has come

I have a host of things to do, some of which require getting up and going, but a purring cat has come and nestled up to my back on the couch, which is slowing me down a bit. 

Plan for today:


– put Maram June workshop flyers by front door, for team to pick up and distribute, hopefully? — DONE

– drop off check and artwork to Pam Martinez for Maram teaching

– come back and post remainder of Maram May photos, so Heather can copy them all over to the website today as blog posts; she can then starting going back through my FB posts and copying over older Maram posts (resetting the dates, so they actually appear in chronological order on the website)

– update the website so instructor, etc. info is clearer — I think we could use a form there, to make it simple for instructors, and I don’t know how to do that — I think you can embed a Google form in a WordPress site, but is it hard? Help??? (Barbara A. Dolan?)

– talk to Pam W. re: space hunt

– talk to Rhea at Community Foundation re: stock account


– call plumber re: (list of things)
– call Pam Whitehead re: (list of things)
– talk to landscape guy re: drip system (worthwhile? unclear)
– call Loyola and schedule ob-gyn
– call dentist for Anand

SIGIRIYA: — (hey look, actual writing!!! I am excite.)

– finish drafting background characters for video game
– start drafting expanded pitch for Serial Box
– look at pitch requirements for Choice of Games


– try to finalize e-book formatting

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