Things Happening

Three quick things:

a) I was invited to join Curious Fictions — it’s a site where authors share short stories, and you can subscribe to the authors you like, getting stories fed to you. A little like what I do on Patreon, but this would just be for fiction. I’m planning to put out 1-3 stories per week (mostly reprints), until I run out of stories or energy. 

(Interestingly, Jed and I were just talking about back when we founded Strange Horizons and various formats for introducing people to short fiction, and I have to say, if I were starting a magazine today, I’d probably be more likely to set up a format like this than a traditional magazine. But that’s a side conversation…)

b) I’ve had two panels accepted to AWP (Portland, OR, next March) — hope to see some of you there!  – Real Women Talk Dirty: Feminisms of Sex in Fiction & Literary Prequels, Sequels, & Spinoffs: Writing Fiction from Pre-existing Worlds —

​c) I’ve started narrowing down the recipes that will appear in a little vegan Sri Lankan cookbook, an e-book sampler.  If you’d like to weigh in on which ones I include, the best place to vote is here.

Thanks!  Happy Thursday! 🙂

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