Sunday afternoon

Home from Garden Walk — I’ll be posting photos from the walk over the next few days. Have hidden in my shed because I can’t bear the world right now. Only gardens. Kevin has taken the kids to the pool because he is a prince.

Will probably try to write a little bit, enjoy the breeze and the new fan (which I love, it’s perfect, on a hot day I want to marry it). This evening, record a podcast, maybe. I’m tentatively trying to do them on Sunday evenings. The mic lives out here now because thankfully the acoustics of the shed are decent.

Or I may just stare at greenery, try to figure out which perennials to plant (once there’s a bit more room in the budget, which may not be ’til next year) to camouflage the daffodil and tulip leaves around the seating area.

I think I’d like white, silver, blue and purple in that space for summer, to echo the furniture there. Roughly knee-high, shrubby / mounding perennials. Calaminta, artemisia, blue-eyed grass, nepeta? Something like that.

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