Podcast Arrives

When I first started blogging, back in December of 1995, I titled it an An Ongoing, Erratic Diary. That’s a truly terrible name, but in my defense, I didn’t think anybody would read it, because there was hardly anyone who’d even heard of the internet back then. (Yes, I know lots of *you* had, but you are special.)

Also, I wasn’t thinking of what I was writing as a blog, because there were no blogs back then. The term ‘weblog’ hadn’t been coined yet, or shortened to ‘blog.’ We called them diaries or journals, and the main thing I wanted to make clear in my first entry was that I wasn’t at all sure I’d keep up with the thing. I had a life, after all.

Ha ha.

It’s mostly on FB these days, with parts copied over to Patreon, though that also has recipes and fiction excerpts and such, and the recipes also have their own blog at Serendib Kitchen, and I often forget to update my ‘main’ blog with a lot of what I post elsewhere, so it’s all a bit chaotic. And yet, there’s more.

I might be adding audio, maybe, no promises. I kind of like recording in the shed on a Sunday, it turns out, with the birds chirping in the background. No idea if I’ll turn these out on any kind of a schedule, and you might get poetry, or fiction, or interviews, or recipes, or just my random ramblings.

If you’re the podcasting sort, you can subscribe here, to “A View from Serendib”:


Big thanks to Nobilis Reed for tech help!


And here’s how it all began, 23 years ago:

“December 22, 1995.

Well. No promises on this one, but I thought I’d try a diary, since I’ve really enjoyed reading some other ones I’ve found on the net. I’m not planning to include really personal stuff, but I did think some of you might enjoy reading about what’s going on in my life currently. I warn you that it’s entirely possible that it’ll just putter out at some point — that’s what seems to happen every time I try to keep a diary.

So today I added an explanation on why I write erotica, updated the kids SF/F list, started this diary, gave my boss a little hat for her baby for Christmas, and am looking forward to the office Christmas party tonight. I’ll be going to visit my parents for a few days, so I probably won’t look at this again till Tuesday. Life is basically very good for me right now – love life is going well — just sold a novella to Puritan, so as soon as I send them the invoice I’ll be getting a nice, fat check, and it’s the holidays!”

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