Came home from teaching and DOVE into the garden. Pruned two fairy roses, three David Austin roses, including the lovely Eglantyne, which I just got a compliment on from a neighbor, who remembered how gorgeously scented it was last year. Three more neighbors complimented me while I was working, including one woman (in her 80s or so) who treated me to a little lecture on how God was so good to us to give us the beauties of nature. I may be a cheerful agnostic, but I am willing to celebrate the beauties of nature anytime.

Planted nine martagon lilies (three near the little free library, three under the tulip tree, three under the redbud — they’re notoriously a bit fickle, so we’ll see if they bloom this year). Planted one hellebore (if I keep adding 1-2 each year, I’ll eventually have a hellebore paradise) and also one wintersweet — it is a tiny 8″ thing right now, but eventually it will hopefully be a roughly 5′ wide by 8′ tall, tremendously fragrant, winter-blooming shrub. Boring the rest of the year, just a big green thing, but everyone I’ve seen who grows it says it’s worth it for the winter flowers / scent. We’ll see! My winter garden is pretty minimal right now, and it’d be nice to give people something to enjoy on their walk to the train.

SO GOOD getting out into the garden for a bit. Need to check the forecast now — if we’re done with overnight freezing temps, tomorrow, I think I may move my potted dahlias outside to start soaking up some sun.

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