Three hours up in Wilmette teaching a writing workshop (really impressive group, brings in speakers weekly for talks, if I lived just a little closer, I would seriously think about joining them; it’s almost like a degree program without the degree, and if I had more time to run it, I’d use them as a model for starting up something similar in Oak Park).

That was followed by an hour at weekly therapy appointment, where I kind of ran out of things to say thirty minutes in. Just talked out, I think! (After three sessions, she’s going to pass me on to the psychiatrist for an ADHD evaluation. I think she’s a little dubious, which is fine; I will be content to rule it out as a possibility too.)

I had a fun time teaching the workshop and I think it went well (let’s see how much I can download about creating rich characters in a concentrated burst — a lot, it turns out!), but that kind of thing can be draining. I will now spend the rest of the day in blessed silence.

Thanks again to OCWW for having me. Several people asked if I was lecturing anywhere else in the area, and I’m afraid not, outside my UIC classes. (I *think* you can sign up as something like a grad student-at-large, but I wouldn’t swear to that.) But if there are other groups interested in having me out, do get in touch, and I’ll see if my schedule permits. I have more time over the the summer, generally.

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