Kev and Anand went to sleep an hour ago (in theory, Kev was just lying down with Anand for a bit and was then going to join me to watch The Good Place, but he is totally conked out). I was getting ready for bed myself, taking some NyQuil to fight this cold, when I realized that I was still hearing a fair bit of noise from upstairs.

I went upstairs to find Kavya, at 9:30 on a Friday night, trying to do a high ponytail on herself, just to see if she could. And then she told me that she’d been bored, so not only did she clean her room, but she had found some storage baskets, and used them to assemble a half-dozen outfits to wear for the next week. All neatly rolled up and ready to go.

I know some of you will say that she’s her mother’s daughter, but I’m telling you, and my dad will back me up, that I was a total slob growing up, my mother’s despair. We had *epic* fights about how messy my room was.

If Kavi is like this now, at age 10, what kind of adult will she be…?

(Oh, also, she texted me and Kev when we were at work (Chris was here nominally babysitting, but mostly working on computer stuff and being the adult in the house), to ask if she could make pancakes for her and Anand for lunch. Their school was closed today. I was teaching when she texted, so I didn’t get it until an hour later, and so my response (‘fine with adult supervision’) was too late. Kevin’s response was just ‘fine’ and so she went ahead and made them. The house didn’t burn down, so I guess it’s okay.)

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