Home from the library board meeting, four hours later. I had a little while at the start of the meeting when I wasn’t sure I would be able to hold it together through it; I wondered whether I should excuse myself and go home. I had complete faith that the other board members would do a great job with the meeting’s agenda.

But I had taken notes, I had questions to ask, so even though my eyes were red, even though I did suddenly weep a bit out in the hallway during a break, when someone was sympathetic to me, I stayed, and the work of the meeting was engaging, was its own reward. The work of helping to make the library, already so great, just a little bit better.

Thanks to the library trustees and staff for understanding my slightly verklempt state tonight. Thanks for all you do. I really think our library is a light shining in the darkness.

I think Ursula would be proud.

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