Good presentation yesterday morning on equity in our schools. It’s not enough to promote diversity — we need to be advocating for real equity. That questionnaire the kids answered is kind of heartbreaking.

“When I am at school, I feel I belong.” — 70%
“When I am at school, I am recognized for good work.” — 64%

We can do better. We have to do better.


A few stats from the meeting for my kids’ school (Holmes):

– enrollment: 582
– 19.1% low income
– 15% have IEP (many more have 504 plans)
– 5% homeless
– 6.5% English learners
– 7% mobility rate
– 80% of our teachers in the district have master’s degrees, which I think is pretty good
– the gender gap is small, with girls slightly ahead


– large gaps (40+%) for black students versus white, low-income versus high, and IEP versus non-IEP.


This morning, I went to the OPALGA annual brunch, which was lovely.  Lots of queer folk, celebrating accomplishments of the last year, gearing up for this year’s goals — there’s going to be a strong political focus.  Good.  They’re also just a really nice group of people; I always enjoy talking with them.

Then headed over to Magical Minds studio for some button-and-sign-making fun  for the Women’s March. I got myself a snowstorm pin; love it! Took a selfie with the big Vote sign and made it my profile pic for the next week.

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