Podcast structure

My blogging instincts are running up against podcasting structure. What I want most naturally to do is just to make an audio version of what I would type, and the post it immediately. Very in the moment.
But it seems like people mostly listen to longer ‘shows’, and iTunes, etc. are set up for that, so maybe it makes more sense to record 30-60 minutes at, say, the end of the week, drawing from the material I’ve been generating all week, sort of a distilled version of my blogging? Which has the benefit of having a little more room for curation and editing.
But I worry that it loses immediacy and energy. The ‘narrative project’ of blogging, which I’ve been doing for 20+ years, is very different from, say, writing a memoir. They’re structurally so different, functionally different. And I’m wary of allowing current trends / fads in media production and consumption to dictate how I approach an auditory blog / podcast.

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