I like traveling. I especially like traveling for work, because it feels like a break and an adventure but still productive, rather than just skiving off on my responsibilities. And I’m quite excited about this Xprize future-of-housing lab I’m going to attend tomorrow. Should be fascinating.

But when the universe puts the flight from Dallas to Boston at the gate *right next* to the flight back to Chicago, I might have had a brief moment of missing my babies terribly and fantasizing about sneaking onto the Chicago flight instead.

Hilariously, I spent several minutes thinking about how I wanted to just go home and help Kavya sort out her clothes, putting away all the summer stuff and making room for winter. This is a chore that she detests, mostly because I make her try a lot of things on to see if they still fit, and I’m honestly not so fond of it either. And yet, it’s what I would be doing if I were home today, and I’d be doing it with her, and I miss her. Also, I want some Anand snuggles.

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