Thank everything that the ridiculously hot weather has finally broken; I feel like I can think again. My students were really struggling in the classrooms yesterday, poor munchkins.

Had a good morning — prepped for and hosted the Garden Club board meeting (I had hoped to make it to the Women’s Guild new member coffee as well, which started an hour earlier, thinking I could duck in and out for half an hour, but that was a foolish hope). Made pumpkin mini muffins, apple-cheddar crescent rolls, salmon-tomato-cream cheese sandwiches, and chicken salad sandwiches. Plus laid out berries and cheeses and crackers and spiced nuts. (Forgot the carrot sticks I meant to put out, oops.) There is something oddly satisfying about laying out lots of little tasty bites.

Also baked a loaf of pumpkin-chocolate chip bread for the kids to devour later; that’s the nice thing about making pumpkin bread, is that one batch typically makes two loaves’ worth, so you get a lot of bang for your effort. Tried the King Arthur flour cookbook recipe, and it was fine, but even with the two t. of ginger powder that I added, it could have used a little more spicing up, in my opinion. Maybe some candied ginger, though probably not for the kids’ version. Cloves and cinnamon? I realize we’re heading towards gingerbread, but I don’t really see a problem with a pumpkin bread / gingerbread hybrid. I kind of want to put a little pepper in there too, but that’s perhaps a bridge too far.

Taking it easy this afternoon, after a long, long work day yesterday. Still feeling the tail end of this cold; dragging a bit. I did think briefly about going into campus this afternoon to attend the union meeting, but Kevin will be there; he can take notes for me. I may have volunteered to chair the communications committee, and by volunteered, I mean Jeff (our union organizer) kind of drafted me. I told him I was only promising to chair one meeting, and he said, “Sure, just one meeting.” Uh huh.

I’m now settled into my couch with tea, hoping to finish my stained glass afghan project, while watching Stargate Universe. Then maybe do a little writing or revision, maybe just add sleeves to my sleeveless sweater. We’ll see what grabs me. I do need to figure out something to send to writing workshop for next week — I think probably the new chapters of the novel, so it’d be good if I drafted a little bit more. But maybe I will just nap.

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