2nd place

Kavya came in 2nd for her vice presidential election; the popular Isabell and Sadie ticket won, promising a water fountain on the playground. As Kavi explained it to us, this is the perennial desire of the kids in her school, and everyone running for office promises to get it, but none of them ever do.

This is her speech, that she wrote and videotaped all on her own (or rather, with the help of whatever she googled and her friend Emma, but without any parental input).

Note that she goes out of her way to make clear that she isn’t going to promise things she can’t deliver. A concept that some Republican lawmakers should perhaps be seriously pondering today. Although perhaps repealing the ACA was their water fountain. Did it get them elected? Perhaps.

“Hello. I am Kavya Whyte, and I am running for Vice President. People are always aiming for the impossible, and trying to do things that they don’t have the power to do once elected, and nothing ever gets done. As Vice President, I will respect my limitations, and do my best to make the school a better place with the amount of time and power I am given. This is my sixth year here at Holmes, and I know what needs to be fixed, and I will also take your advice so you have a say in what we change and what we keep the same. So vote for me, and help make our school as perfect as can be. I’m Kavya Whyte, for Vice President.”

I feel a little like she’s the Hillary Clinton of the fifth grade. I can’t promise them single-payer if I can’t make the numbers work, right?

I’m increasingly thinking that yes you can. Run on what you really believe in, and find the money after you’re elected.

(Of course, I don’t know if Kavya really *believes* in a water fountain. I should ask her.)

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