Today is in theory a writing-all-day day; I’ve blocked it out. I have a Wild Cards story to double in size (really, George? Okay.), three other stories in revision, and a novel I’d like to draft another chapter of.
But in practice, I can’t actually write all day because my brain melts and my fingers ache. So writing all day actually means reading some of the time, and usually also interspersing with household chores. I keep meaning to use the co-working space days I’ve paid for, though, see if they work for me, and they’re going to run out soon if I don’t.
But I have the beginnings of a cold and my house is more cozy than the co-working space. At least I think it is — I think the space is more desk and chair rather than comfy sofas, although I’m not sure. Chris arrives at 9, too, which complicates things, since usually I give him some direction over the course of the day. But I think what I ought to do is at least try the co-working space. If it doesn’t work, I can always come home.
Okay — shower and dress, eat some breakfast, make up a to-do list for Chris so he has things to work on while I’m not here. I’ll probably walk back here for lunch, and I can check in with him then. Of course, if I come back here, will I be motivated to leave again? Maybe I should pack a lunch. I should definitely pack a lunch. But first, I should get off this comfy couch. And turn off Facebook.

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