TFW the street construction worker comes to your door to ask if you know who owns the car they’re about to tow, and you’re really glad you have a robe hanging nearby that you can grab.

A little groggy this morning, with a super-scratchy throat — oh, hello, first cold of the season. Right on schedule.

Things to work on:

– Patreon — Chris tried to schedule a few posts yesterday, but we had a string of technical difficulties — trouble connecting his computer (fixed, eventually), trouble editing photos (fixed, eventually), and even trouble cut-and-pasting (bizarre). We did eventually manage to schedule a post to go out at 9 a.m. this morning, we’ll see how that works. I feel a little weird that the Patreon content is basically all the same content I’m posting here already, but I figure FB’s strange algorithms mean that there’s no guarantee anyone reading here will actually see anything I post anyway — with Patreon, you definitely will.

I’m going to go ahead and set up the remaining posts for the week for him now — I already sent him the fiction post for Wednesday; I’m going to write up the curried potato salad recipe for Thursday; I’ll send him another fiction post for Friday, I have a plan for the knitting post for Saturday, and I have a writing prompt ready to go for Sunday. There was a while when I was working on a book about writing and identity, so I have a half-dozen exercises prepped from that. It’d be nice to do more with that project; we’ll see.

– bulbs — it rained last night, and I have some alliums (caeruleum, schubertii, gladiator) to get in the ground — I’m not going to bother with cayenne, I think, because alliums are sufficiently stinky on their own that the squirrels and bunnies should leave them alone

– course prep and grading; about an hour of each. I have some student meetings before teaching today too, so a longish day on campus. Best get going — turning off FB now, so I’m not tempted.

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