Finished blocking the first sweater-type thing I’ve made for myself. I’d hesitated for a long time, because it seemed like shaping would be trickier than sweaters for kids, and it was a big time commitment for something that might not come out.

Results — mixed, I think. This one is a learning experience. I love the yarn (Lana Riga, a gift from my sister Mir Mo Ga) to pieces — it’s super-soft to work with, and striped up beautifully. It took just over three skeins to make this.

The pattern I chose is fine through the body and fits well, but the straps on the top feel a little narrower than I’d want — I sort of wish it had cap sleeves instead.

That’s minor, though — a bigger issue is the flare at the bottom. It’s more dramatic than I realized, almost like a peplum. If I could do it again, I’d do those increases in a more graduated way, I think (instead of one increase row followed by one knit row, I’d do one increase row followed by two or three knit rows).

Now, here’s the interesting part. I don’t really want to add another layer under this, but I do want sleeves, I think. So I’m contemplating taking an inexpensive long-sleeve t-shirt, cutting off the sleeves, and sewing them to the armholes of this. That should work, right? (And I can hopefully frugally turn what remains of the t-shirt into a tank?) I’d love to have three-quarter sleeves added to this.

That’s the plan, when I next have a little time to sew. I’m not sure which shirt I’ll use — I have one in rose pink, and another in a striped cream-white. Will try them both, see how they look.

(Note: Ravelry project notes say I started this 2.5 years ago, oof.)

Pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/…/lib…/rosas-sleeveless-cardi–jumper


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