At O’Hare, headed to Minnesota. I’ll have some free time in the airport there from about 12 – 4, which I’m planning to spend writing (I owe Valya and Stephen a story revision), then meeting friends for dinner (yay, Sugi and Haddayr!), then headed to writing workshop.

It’s held in the countryside a ways out from the Twin Cities, in an old house which features a little writing shed in the woods in back, which I’m hoping to snag for a few hours at some point. Some wonderful stories were written there, and I could use a little contagious magic.

I’ve mostly given up on the ideas of converting the garage into a coachhouse (too expensive), or adding a conservatory to the living room (also too expensive), but I still occasionally ponder the utility of a little writing shed in the backyard. I’d have to move the lilacs I planted last year, but if I did that, I could maybe squeeze a tiny one in the back corner. Just big enough for table & chair? Maybe.

Something to ponder…anything to get me away from my household chores.

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