Purses and popularity

Kavya now has more close friends than I do (we counted last night). They are vying for her attention via FaceTime chats after camp, and inviting her out for ice creams, block parties, even zip-lining. When I try to say no, we should just get home, I am offered the most pathetic puppy eyes and beggings of “Please, can Kavya come? PLEASE?”

How did we end up raising a popular girl???

Kavya is also a purse-carrying girl. She got a sparkly watermelon purse for her birthday from my Canada cousins, and she has been carrying it to camp every day in addition to her backpack. I don’t know what she has in it, and I am more than a little bewildered by her desire to carry it daily.

I’m the sort of person who carries as little as possible (for this current four-day trip, I have all my clothes, laptop, and drawing supplies in my backpack). And while I think I also got my first purse around this age, I hated it, and carried it as little as possible.

I still almost never carry a purse — I look for formalwear with pockets, and if I can’t find that, have a tendency to stick phones and credit cards in bras, or in the pockets of my nearest male escort (who generally have capacious pockets).

But Kavya *loves* her purse, and while it bewilders me, I also kind of figure if she can develop girl skills at an early age, so they’re second nature to her, it will probably serve her well in this world of ours. I suppose make-up is next. (I have packed none for this trip, unless you count face lotion and lip balm.)

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