Feeling grateful that so many of the people we love (a hundred and fifty, counting about thirty kids!) were able to make it out last night. Friends from childhood, from high school, college, grad school, Connecticut, Hyde Park, Salt Lake City, Bay Area, and of course Chicago and Oak Park, and tons of family too.

SomeoneĀ said that she wasn’t sure she could have gathered a hundred and fifty people together for this kind of thing — the thing is, there are so very many people we really like, and I, for one, am very resistant to letting anyone go. I tend to accumulate. šŸ™‚ I just wish we could’ve invited everyone we would’ve liked to — there are only so many people we could afford to feed a fancy dinner to. Otherwise, we might have aimed for at least a few hundred more….

And even so, there were a few close friends and family who couldn’t make it. It’s always hard — life is so busy and there are crises and illnesses and scheduling complexities. There’s no way everyone would have been able to get here. So I’m raising a glass to absent friends this morning, hoping we can find a way to spend time together again soon.

Milestone anniversaries have a way of making you consider the scope of your life — what’s past, what’s to come. So I’m also thinking of a few who have gone much too soon — Jay, Aparna. Missing you. Sending you love.

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