Lunching with Ada

Plan for today:

– meet with independent study students (for the record, six independent study students is too many for me to take on, now I know! and I am taking one of them to lunch today to apologize for getting so behind on reading her work; I’m finally caught up now)
– pick up remaining final papers and portfolios to grade over the weekend
– lunch also with Ada Palmer and a friend, where I will tell Ada how much I enjoyed _Too Like the Lightning_ even if I was desperately confused much of the time as well, and I’ve already started the second half (next book)
– Ada’s giving a talk from 3-5 at UIC today; I’m not going to make it, but encourage others
– come home and bake cookies with the kids for the anniversary party
– coach Kavi’s soccer practice
– maybe have a little lie down after that. Feeling slightly tired today, probably mostly from lifting weights yesterday.

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