Like an oncoming train…

Kavi’s 10th birthday wish list:

Selfie Stick
Sewing Stuff
Giant Stuffed Animal (Preferably Unicorn)
Gumball Machine
Emoji Pillow
Lava Lamp
Lego Set

(I had to look up what Orbeez were. I do not think she needs a Fitbit. The cell phone isn’t happening until middle school, no matter how much she asks. She also sent a picture of something that is either a huge make-up kit or a huge art-supply kit; I can’t tell. We’ll see what she says. Either is probably fine, though. I can feel her tipping towards teen-hood in this list, and I’m not ready.)

1 thought on “Like an oncoming train…”

  1. My son had been asking for a Fitbit for almost 2 years before I got a screaming good deal on one for Black Friday last year. It was his 10yo bday present the first week of December 2016. He loves it – it’s the one that looks most like the original but has the clock & heartrate monitor (which is probably inaccurate) – I’m pretty sure it’s an older model that they put on clearance to make way for the newer models (which was perfect for my budget). I was afraid he’d lose it or get tired of it, but he still loves it 6 months later. The only trouble was setting up his own Fitbit account – I had to lie about his age, so now FitBit’s data is skewed because he’s a 4th grade-sized 16yo in their system.

    Also, have fidget spinners hit your area yet? They are HUGE here with the gradeschoolers here & my older son reports that they are so popular they have been banned from his middle school unless you actually have a medical reason to have one for ADD/ADHD.

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