River Walk

Dinner last night was at a restaurant overlooking San Antonio’s River Walk, which is just a treasure, and developed originally as a WPA project. If only we had as much investment in our infrastructure today! And this bit of history makes clear how it only takes a handful of committed citizens to make drastic change — most folks just aren’t paying attention. Look at those voting numbers!

“1936: Texas Centennial. Jack White, manager of the White Plaza Hotel, visits City Hall to urge clean-up and beautification of the river. White and the Mexican Businessmen’s Association stage ‘A Venetian Night’ on the river- the first river parade…

1938: The full esthetic potential of the river becomes recognized. Congressman Maury Maverick, Mayor C.K. Quin and a group of citizens, headed by White, push for development of the river. October 25. A special election is called to approve a tax of .015 cents per $100 valuation to raise the $75,000 needed to leverage $325,000 in WPA funds for river work. The tax passes 74-2. 71 voters live in White’s hotel.”


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