Heading into summer schedule…

Okay, planted some hostas given by a friend (yay!), watered front and back yard (mostly watering in new plantings) and hanging baskets on porch, dug out some culver’s root that’s in the wrong place, to move to the back.

Then wrote overdue WC bios for two characters and sent to George, sent Russ my new “Indenture” several pages from ICFA (is it a short story? a novella? a novel? I don’t know! Maybe he can tell me), and gathered my post-it notes for the other novel, Shattered.

Lunch break with Madam Secretary, bonus load of dishes, followed by a bit of dandelion and thorny stuff (I don’t know what it’s called, but I hate it) weeding, and then I’m thinking maybe a glass of wine and more writing on the porch.

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