More thanks

More people who were essential to this campaign: Franki T. Dolley, who kept track of donations, sent thank you notes, and mailed bookmarks and pins to supporters. Zeina Yacoub and Ben Kaplan, campaign volunteers and canvassers; Ben is an experienced campaigner and was full of helpful information. Samuel Sukaton, a campaign manager from out West, who talked me through the process before I decided to run, and gave much useful advice; he also answered my questions all through the process. Jerry Snider Delaney and Karen Kurtz Fischer of the Democratic Party of Oak Park, who have been supportive and informative throughout. Amanda Daly and Julie Nilson Chyna, friends and fellow writers, who came to early meetings when I was still quite wobbly about it all and were enthusiastically supportive. And Matt Fruth, who recruited me to run specifically for the library, even though he was running again himself, and who answered my many, many questions all the way through the process; a font of Oak Park knowledge and concrete library specifics. Thanks, folks. Thanks lots.

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