Notes from the campaign trail: “Fyi your son was campaigning for you today. He said he was going to tell everyone at school to vote for you “on voting day” because you love books commenting “I don’t think she’s done anything to try to get votes” he also said he saw you reading a 200 page book, maybe 216 pages. By the way I am voting for you and not just because your son is adorable. Good luck!” – Leila Massouh

Notes from the campaign trail: “We found your pin hanging on our door! My three year old was wearing it very proudly on his pajamas yesterday. (He wants to cast a ballot for you like mom and dad but I think village hall may cry voter fraud if he tries.)” – Antonia Davison

Kavi is quite indignant that she’s not allowed to vote until she’s an adult. She doesn’t think it’s fair at all, and wants to know what she is allowed to vote for. I told her school elections, and she just gave me this *look*.


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