Cancer log 183: Scopo

 I was going to write out the details of today’s surgery, a fat-transfer from the lower belly to the left breast, but honestly, it’s the second of 3-4 identical procedures, and there’s not much different to report.
The one thing that they did differently is that they noticed that I’d had a fair bit of nausea after the anesthesia last time, so they put a Scopolamine patch behind my left ear this time, and like magic, I had no nausea when I woke up this time. I wasn’t as freezing as I usually am after surgery (two c-sections, one port insertion, one lumpectomy, one port removal, and now two breast reconstruction fat transfers — I am amassing quite the collection). I am now a fan of Scopolamine, and plan to investigate it further, as I (and the kids) are somewhat nausea-prone, for motion sickness, etc.
Other than that, I’ve spent the entire day in bed, and plan to do much the same tomorrow, because otherwise I will inevitably do too much and hinder my healing. Even with the pain meds, I’m pretty ouchy every time I move. (And fine if I stay mostly immobile).
I’m hoping I’ll be in better shape by Saturday, as I have several events I’d like to go to — an info-session on governmental procedures for candidates, a welcoming village rally in Scoville Park, which I’d really like to take the kids to — their first rally! If I’m really feeling great, then I might also try canvassing outside one of the school carnivals, but I am also telling myself not to be a hero. We’ll see how it goes!
The full cancer log is here, and the detailed notes on the first breast reconstruction procedure start around #172.

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