Yesterday evening, I went to an hour and a half info session at the library about the new District 97 referendum, and yes, it will raise our taxes, which hurts, especially in this time when so many of us are stretching ourselves thin with donations and support — but I am now convinced that it is absolutely essential that we vote yes for it on April 4. Otherwise our schools are going to crater, all the children of Oak Park will suffer mightily, and our property values will follow likewise, since they are so intimately tied to the quality of our schools.  Sometimes, you have to pay the piper.

After that, I went on to a happy hour with the local Oak Park River Forest Indian group, which is really a South Asian group — I can’t believe I went four years without realizing it existed. Excited to be able to bring my kids to Diwali, etc. celebrations in the neighborhood, and meet more local South Asians. Special thanks to Kavita, one of the group organizers, who immediately put on one of my buttons and encouraged me to talk about my campaign in the group. 🙂 People are so kind and welcoming. It makes talking to strangers much easier!

I did get home late, and was groggy this morning, so I particularly didn’t need to start my day with a five-minute argument at full volume about WHY we don’t wear dirty, smelly clothes to school. Anand could have let me have my tea first.  But eventually they went off, clean and dressed and fed, and I’ve made it in to teach my classes.  Planning to hit the gym for a swim afterwards, and also put some things in the mail, then come home and relax for a while, and by relax, I mean put away laundry.  This evening, going to an event at Buzz Cafe sponsored by Democracy for America, about turning purple regions blue.

After a couple of packed weeks, with events almost every day, it’s a little surreal to look at tomorrow’s schedule: (7:00 – reconstruction surgery), and Friday’s: (rest and recover). That’s it!

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  1. Not related to anything, but have you read The Indranan War series? 2 books so far, with a 3rd expected. Behind the Throne is the first and then After the Crown (by K.G. Wagers).

    It’s a Desi-influenced space opera/political thriller (mostly takes place on-planet) in the far future. Matriarchal society with a princess who left but now has to return to become Empress (and is conflicted about it). I just finished the 2nd book & would love to hear your thoughts on the series! Maybe something diverting to check out tomorrow while you recover (available on kindle).

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