Entering Ohio

My plan to write for a few hours this evening was somewhat foiled by the fact that buses, even big Rally buses, are much bumpier than planes — I got about a page into a scene and then was too carsick (bus-sick?) to continue. But that was all right, because I ended up chatting for a while with the people around me — the Lewis University organizational management professor behind me, the 16-weeks pregnant mom beside me, the student doing a MA in social work across the aisle, and her mother, who it turns out is a retired professor in early childhood education from Triton, and very involved in civic activities in Oak Park. I’ll probably see her at a library board meeting again soon.
I was very underprepared for this because I ended up using all my getting supplies time for compulsively re-doing my posters, but they gave me a water bottle and a clementine, which was just lovely. Now we’re about an hour from the first rest stop in Ohio, and I’m going to try to write for a little bit more, and send the scenes to my first readers, and then hopefully down a goodly amount of NyQuil and conk out? We can hope. I forgot to pack headphones too, which is sad, as I had planned to listen to Welcome to Nightvale, which has been on my to-do list for some time, but perhaps they’ll sell headphones at the rest stop; fingers crossed.

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