Campaign headshot

Taking the campaign headshot today. Pondering what to wear. Red, white, and blue options seem sort of predictable, but on the other hand, maybe predictable is good. Lots of candidate photos seem to be in a crisp button-down white shirt, which, oddly, I don’t seem to own right now. Or a suit jacket, which I also don’t own — it’s been fifteen years since I last wore a suit, I think. Of course, if what I’m trying to convey is approachable Oak Park mom who loves books, then a suit jacket probably isn’t necessary.

4:50 update:  Have successfully photo-shot. Did three clothing options — blue dress with scoop neck, red paisley scarf, grey and white scarf with Sense and Sensibility quote with white top and grey cardigan (SUPER-LIBRARIAN-Y, esp. the ones wearing glasses). She showed me a bunch on the camera, so I think there’ll be some good options out of there.

Really should’ve had a glass of wine beforehand, though — I meant to, but forgot. Ah well.  Photos soon, once she’s done editing.


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