Called to account

Novel accountability time. So, I don’t want the campaign to eat up all my available brain space, which I’m sure it would do if allowed. (Ditto teaching, ditto parenting. These all tend to be all-consuming if you’re not careful.) I’ve mostly worked out the background history of my novel; I’m going to try to get some serious plotting done in the next week, and then carve out an hour a day for drafting, with the goal of having a draft done by end of March. Yes, there will likely be some slippage in that, esp. since the election is April 4, but I find it’s better to set the goals and then adjust as needed.

To that end, I found it really motivating to be posting a scene from Perennial to Facebook almost daily; it keep me on task. I can’t do that with the novel and hope to sell it, so I’m hoping to set up a little mailing list of people I can send my draft to as I write it. (I could do this on Patreon, but that actually still feels too public, in some weird way.)

So if you’d like to be on that list, ping me? It would be very helpful to me. If you want to read along and / or send notes, that’d be great, but honestly, just knowing people are possibly reading is probably motivation enough for me. That’s why an online journal succeeded for me in a way a blog never did. You would get your name in the acknowledgements. 🙂

And if any of you are writers and want to send your own work to me in exchange, that’d be fine, as long as we kept the same understanding that I might not read or comment on any of it. 

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