January Politics

Looking ahead to political activities in my calendar (which are now coded pink, which makes them pop out nicely). Between now and the end of January, I have:
– meet with Theresa Mah (IL state rep.), Don Harmon (IL state senator), and Davd Seleb (our library’s executive director)
– attend Suburban Unity Alliance planning meeting for upcoming marches in Chicago and D.C. (I’ll probably attend Chicago, with Kavi)
– attend the regular Democratic party meeting, which is held second Saturdays, 10-12
– attend a library board meeting, to see what I’m getting myself in for
– attend a Planned Parenthood fundraiser
I also need to set up a planning meeting at my house, either this week or next week, and ask my friends if they’ll host meet-and-greets for me at their homes, or at local cafes if their homes aren’t convenient. (Asking friends with small children to clean up the week after Christmas seems just cruel.)
This is a notable amount of time overall, but it’s mostly at times when I wouldn’t be writing or working anyway, so it’s generally just cutting into household / parenting time. The house may be a little less organized during the next four months, and Kev will be doing a little more childcare. The kids are old enough now (at 7 and 9) that that’s not as onerous as it would’ve been even a year or two ago, though. They’re much more self-entertaining than they used to be.

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