Good King Wenceslas

One of the things Jed and I like to do is sing together — we sing show tunes, do round singing, and this time of year, sing a lot of Christmas carols. “Good King Wenceslas” is one of our favorites, in large part because we both love the way Susan Cooper wove it into her brilliant novel, _The Dark is Rising_.

Now, both of us are pretty nervous about singing in public (but sometimes do it anyway), and are even more nervous about recording ourselves singing (which we’ve never done before). Also, I think the spinet is in dire need of tuning, and my laptop is not the best recording device ever — I’m not sure where the weird buzzy undertone came from. So be kind, please.

We wanted to share a little song with you for the holiday, and not incidentally, set a good example for Kavi and Anand, who also love to sing but are nervous about singing in front of people. I’m hopeful we can offer you a rendition of Rudolph sometime in the next few days. 

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