Rodham Consulting

Really appreciate Alyx Pattison of Rodham Consulting taking time out of her day to give me a free hour of political consulting advice over the phone. This is a service her organization is offering for women running for office anywhere, and it was super-useful; I took a lot of notes. I recommend it to you if you’re a woman thinking of running for office:
Next step: invest in a clipboard so first week of January I can start wandering Oak Park (outside grocery stores, train stations, etc.) to tell people my name, that I’m running for library board, and ask if they’d be willing to be added to my newsletter (name, e-mail, even phone) for community events and news. This stage of campaigning is all about getting to know people, and letting them get to know me.
I admit, I think candidates in warmer climates have a slight advantage here!

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