All the things

Plan for today is to do all the things. Okay, that probably won’t happen, but some of the things?

Domestic: Clean up first floor (all the party dishes got washed, but have been sitting around for a week, for example), put away clothes from trip, do a load or two of laundry, order groceries.

Political: Open campaign bank account / set up donations / set up campaign website (just a static page, I think, off my main site, for now at least). Have phone conversation with political consultant (free hour they’re donating to women running for office).

Work: Run E-mail Game and do a serious pass on Inbox (and Facebook messages, which have gotten a little overwhelming — I think I need to start asking people not to write me there unless it’s just a quick q, because it’s too hard to keep track of).

Writing: Read Invisible proposals and send notes to Jim. Write one more scene of garden romance, if I’m hoping to finish it by Christmas. Three to go! Do a quick revision pass and submit “Monsters” to Clarkesworld. It’d be nice to also keep taking history notes for the novel, as I’m planning to dive into writing it on 12/26 — we’ll see. I have a good amount of material now.

Holiday: Finish addressing Christmas cards, review presents gotten (few) and presents needed (many, we are so behind this year), pick up stocking gifts.

Fun: See Rogue One with Kevin. 

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