Setting up campaign

Local friends (and interested non-locals), if you’re interested in helping with my campaign, I’m planning an organizational meeting in early January. There will, of course, be food. 🙂

PM me or comment below if you’d like to be on the planning list and possibly attend the meeting (maybe I’ll set up a Facebook group for us, to simplify communications?).

Also, January step for campaign: ask local friends in the community to hold meet and greet events for me, to build a strong grassroots base. These would be small face to face events, maybe over lunch or tea, where members of the community would have the chance to voice any concerns they have and have the opportunity to get to know me a bit.

I’ll be e-mailing some folks to ask if they’re willing to do this, but if any Oak Park friends reading this are willing to do this in January or February, please do let me know!

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