Things to do

– go to River Forest and file police report about lost wallet (hope someone found it and I can just collect it)
– go to Maywood and file Statement of Economic Interests — drop off at Oak Park Village Hall
– pick up holiday gift for our house cleaner (maybe a cardigan? I got her a hat and scarf last year, which she really liked, but probably doesn’t make sense to repeat that again this year…)
– go to gym and work out with trainer from 11 – 12
– pack for quick visit to New York to visit family; I’m leaving today, coming back Thursday morning
– do a quick swing-through with E-mail Game, answer any urgent e-mail, boomerang stuff to come back later in the week
– start working on Invisible anthology
– leave for airport at 3:30
– on plane, start writing outline for next novel, or at least keep reading and taking history notes; I’m hoping to meet with my agent on Wednesday while I’m in New York, and it’d be good to have at least a page or two to send him Tuesday night, for us to discuss on Wed.

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