I’m seeing a lot of people in my circles very upset today about the electoral college — I’m not one of them, for a variety of reasons.
1) I didn’t think there was any real chance the electors wouldn’t give it to Trump (so my hopes were neither raised nor dashed).
2) I’m actually…not pleased, but satisfied, that they followed the votes of their state, regardless of their personal beliefs; as long as the electoral college still exists, I think that is what the electors should do. (I also think the electoral college should be abolished, as we have evolved past what the founders wanted to a more democratic ideal. Let’s push for the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. It looks promising. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Popular_Vote_Interstate_Compact)
3) I am finding that doing my creative and family work is immensely satisfying and healing, so have concentrated most of my time and energy on that.
4) I am gearing up to fight politically for the next four years, as needed, on every front, in the ways that suit me best. I find phone calling really emotionally exhausting, so I basically haven’t done any of that. But surprisingly, running for office seems more manageable. Volunteering at non-profits that help those who will be hit hardest by this administration is also very satisfying. From each according to their abilities.
Fight back in the ways that suit you best, but the key thing is to fight.

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