Rich cake

I wasn’t planning on making rich cake this year, because I hadn’t gotten to it by Stir-Up Sunday, and it’s really better if it sits for at least a month, being fed regularly with brandy. But I don’t know — suddenly, the Christmas Sri Lankanness in me rose up and demanded rich cake. So here we are, and it should still be pretty good by our holiday party next Sunday, and even better by New Year’s, and when I’m in the sloughs of wintery Chicago despond in February and March, it should be positively luscious.

Bonus: Kavya has started learning how to make it. 🙂 She thinks the batter is delicious, but is a little dubious about the fruit and nut portion.  She’ll learn.

img_2310 img_2313 img_2314 img_2318 img_2321

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