My forms are filled out, my petition signatures are notarized (thanks to library board member¬†Matt Fruth, who kindly stopped by my house to notarize them, in the midst of a snowstorm, what a mensch!), and I’ll be filing tomorrow morning at 8:30.

Local elections are April 4th — Oak Parkers, mark your calendars! (Someone told me recently that only about 6000 people vote, out of 52,000, in the off-year elections. Surely we can do better.)

Baby’s first run for office, whee!¬†

One thing I’ve been surprised by, in this whole running-for-office thing, is how very supportive and kind so many strangers have been to me as I figure out this whole process. I ask for help, and so many people have offered it. I hadn’t expected that.


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