Long Day

I have: hosted a clothing swap charity benefit, segued into having a few friends over for board games and snacks this afternoon, gotten my student worker started on copyediting the second edition of the cookbook (yes, that means we’re getting close to done, finally!), packed away half the swap clothes to take to Brown Elephant, fed the children dinner, did half the dishes, managed to find someone to come shovel snow for an hour and lay down pet-safe melt / gravel so the sidewalk is clear (civic duty done, check), only shouted at Anand once (he was being VERY trying), read the children half a graphic novel (Ben Hatke’s _Mighty Jack_), and put them both to bed.
There are still clothes to pack away and put in the car, there are still tables to fold and get to the garage, there’s still a dishwasher to empty and another load to load in, and there’s a massive pile of recycling waiting to be broken down in the basement. But given that this cold still has me falling down tired (intermittently — sometimes I go a couple of hours feeling fine), I’m declaring this day a) a success, and b) over.  Yes, it’s not even 9 yet, but I to my bed.

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