Gym update

Just a quick update on gym stuff. I’m nine weeks into training weekly with Justin. We checked numbers again today:

Arm gain 1″
Chest gain 3/4″ (This also includes back)
Waist 1″ lost
Hips 1″ lost (Also includes buttocks)
Thighs 3/4″ gain
Weight: stable

So essentially, not changing my diet at all and doing weight training once a week, I’ve put on a little muscle in arm and back and thighs, and lost a little fat in waist and hips. That’s all good, in my book.

I’ve gone down about a dress size — today I tried on a dress I last wore in 2006 (at our not-wedding-party), and was delighted to find that it fits; it had been distressing me, perhaps unreasonably, that I haven’t been to fit into that for years. There’s still a little of baby belly left, but I can zip up the back now, which is great. I’m also notably stronger and have slightly better cardio and flexibility. It’s easier to exercise than it was when I started.

I have two more sessions with the trainer, and I was going to sign up for more, but I remembered that in early January, I’m probably going to have the second breast reconstruction surgery, after which I’ll be pretty restricted from lifting for a month or two.

So we talked it over, and the plan is for me to try to keep up cardio (lots of walking, since I won’t be able to jog or swim) through January / February and calorie-restrict a bit (since I won’t be building muscle). I’d like to lose five pounds in that period. Then come back to him in March (if the budget allows) for another three months of training.

So far, so good. Onwards.

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