Late / early

I just couldn’t make myself work on anything requiring a brain yesterday, so I ended up going to bed at 9 and setting an alarm for 3 a.m., so I could finish my grading before classes. (Last big round of papers before finals.) Three weeks left to the semester. One of my students said last class that she thought most of her professors were checked out already. I read a dean once who said professors were like sprinters, and administration were like endurance runners. Right now, I think a lot of us feel like sprinters who got sucker-punched at the start of the last lap. We’re going to make it across the finish line, faculty and students alike, but it may not be pretty.

One thought on “Late / early”

  1. In undergrad school, and as a faculty member, I have lived with semesters. As a graduate student, at two different universities, I experienced the quarter system. I like the quarter system much, much better. I think my attention span is only about ten weeks long!

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