Survivor responses

The bad side of sending out acceptance letters late on Sunday evening, is that none of my authors are likely to be awake to squee at me in excitement. Ah well. The good side is that it’ll be some nice news to start their Monday morning with.
As a housekeeping note, I believe that we have now responded to all Survivor subs. If you submitted something to us and didn’t get a response, please do write to me ASAP — things to do get lost in e-mail sometimes, sadly.
Minor line edits to do in the next few weeks, and then I’m handing this book over to Lethe Press before the end of the year. Exciting. I re-read the stories today, and I really love them. It seems like a good time to be putting out a SF/F anthology centered on trauma, and survival.
When we’ve suffered a crushing blow, how do we move forward from that? These writers have given us seventeen different answers. I feel like a lot of people this week can appreciate that.

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