Make and mend.

I’ve spent most of the afternoon in the basement; so far, I’ve:

– hemmed two pairs of jeans (feeling satisfied that I had the appropriate gold thread on hand),
– converted one dress into a skirt (I loved the embroidered skirt part, but the upper portion was unflattering on me),
– sewn up a huge hole that our dog ripped in a duvet cover (still a visible seam, but we can put that on the facing-downward side and it’ll look and work fine — needed to be sewn up so it didn’t just keep tearing more), and
– taken apart some curtains that weren’t really working for Kavi’s room; I’ll save the fabric for doing something else with at some point.

Very satisfying, making my way through the mending basket that was starting to get rather overflowing. Still a ways to go, but progress!

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