I am a little startled to find that one can buy expensive dresses online and have them shipped to your house. Free shipping and free returns too. I am feeling naive that I was startled by this — one can do that with a computer, or with a tv, so why not a dress? And yet, I wasn’t expecting it.

This will, however, make trying on anniversary party dresses much simpler. I don’t have a lot of free time for running around to stores an hour away, and they seem to have much less stock in any given store than they do on their website. Still glad I went to a few to try things on, as now I have a really clear ideal of what styles suit me, and what size I likely am. 

It’s an interesting process! Since we skipped the whole fancy wedding thing, I’ve never bought an expensive dress before. The more you know.

(Expensive, from my POV, is anything over about $100. They go up to $10K, or higher, but I am not spending that much! 🙂 But they’ll apparently ship those too, as long as someone is there to sign for delivery. Wacky.)

This feels, btw, like an incredibly frivolous post to be writing right now. But this is also part of my life, so here it is. I’m happy to be thinking about pretty dresses for a little bit. It’s a nice change.

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