Today’s artist trading card was a zentangle, because several people recommended them. I glanced at a book, _One Zentangle a Day_, and was honestly a little off-put by how didactic it was about the format. There’s an official paper, and an official pen, an official way you’re supposed to initial your art, etc. and so on. That said, I did my initial drawing with the pencil I had on hand, instead of the pen they suggested, and I did get a little frustrated by the lack of precision, so I suppose they have a reason for their rules. Hm. 


In any case, it was interesting, and I might do some more. I like the basketweave section of this best, though the mushroomy-thingies are kind of cute too. I don’t think I really got the borders between sections right; they’re more defined than I think they ought to be. Will try again, I think. But I think the wacky animals may be more my style.

2 thoughts on “Zentangle”

  1. Hm. That book is taking the opposite tone most of them do. Zentangling is meant to be a meditation exercise, where nothing you do is bad. The best books I’ve seen encourage experimentation and emphasize nothing you do is bad. I’ve liked this book:


    and keeping in mind the discussion we had about borders, you could take a look at this book (which I gave my niece and she seemed to like)


    I have sets of zentangle pens, but to be honest, Uniball roller pens (available most places) are my favorite. I find I use a fat pen and a micro pen and rarely use anything in between:


    Anyway, don’t be put off by rules. Just ignore them!

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