I am not teaching today, and woke up to find we had all overslept, and it was five minutes ’til bus. I have, in fact, gotten the kids up and dressed and out the door in five minutes before, with a breakfast thing in hand to eat on the way. But when I went upstairs, Kavi was still asleep, and when I woke her, seemed groggy and unhappy — I asked her if there was anything she actually needed / wanted to do at school today, a big presentation or test or anything, and she said no, just art.

I have been working very hard on a big grading push up until today, and was planning to mostly take today off from my own work anyway. So I made an executive mommy decision — it’s a half-day anyway, due to parent-teacher conferences, so we’re playing hooky! Plan for today — video games and tv, a goodly amount of reading, some art, and maybe a cooking lesson, because we watched MasterChef Junior last night, and Kavi looked at all the nine-year-olds competing and wanted to know if she could learn to cook like that.

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