Evening delights

If you have gone to an event at the Chicago Public Library, and find your friend is available for dinner afterwards, may I recommend walking south-east two blocks to Tamarind? Great little pan-Asian place, and this particular appetizer I find wholly addictive — they call them dynamite mussels, and I think it’s crab in a red curry sauce over chopped mussels with a bit of roe on top and it’s so, so good. $5 each, which I think is a great deal. I might have, slightly abashedly, ordered two sets of them for my dinner. 🙂 Thanks to Angeli for joining me — lovely to catch up!


I love my kids to pieces, but may I say, it is also delightful that they are at a stage in their lives that it’s no longer such a hardship to take care of their dinner and bedtime, and so I don’t feel too guilty anymore when I have an evening event in the city, and take the train home late-ish, strolling back under the charming lights in the shopping district a few blocks away, heels in hand, barefoot and enjoying what is probably the last burst of warm weather.


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